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Insane Mazes! Insane Mazes!
Free | Lots of insane mazes to complete! Good Luck!

Seven Mazes Seven Mazes
Free | Seven mazes, seven floors, the sum is the key. Can you get out alive?

Mazes Of Fate Mazes Of Fate
Free | Mazes of Fate is a first-person role-playing game for the Game Boy Advance handheld console. The game takes players into a dark fantasy world facing divine punishment. The ancient gods, disgusted by humanity's pride, intend to wipe mankind out and repl...

Mazes Of Fate Mazes Of Fate
Free | Mazes of Fate spans the length and breadth of a huge, dynamic world, and tells an epic story of magic and conspiracy, with more than a hundred characters you can interact with, an hour of original music featuring thirty-five different themes, and over ...

Scramball 2 Scramball 2
Free | Escape dangerous mazes as quickly as you can to earn terrific Trophies and gigantic gems! Can you explore the different worlds?

Astro Chaser Astro Chaser
Free | Pilot your ship through tricky and windy mazes, and avoid dangerous bullets. Upgrade your weapons to take out the enemy!

AMaze 3 AMaze 3
Free | AMaze 3 (also known as aMaze cubed) is a fun little maze game where you play the role of Kevin Spacey (the little dot thingy) and your goal is to make it around all the mazes on the cube, picking up the nice purple things along the way whilst avoiding the

AMaze 2 AMaze 2
Free | AMaze 2 is the second installment of the aMaze series, in this fun little time waster, you must make it to the target through mazes that get harder tricky to navigate as you progress. You must lay a new trail to gain points and if you repeat a path you

CoverMouse CoverMouse
Free | Use your mouse to make your way to the checkpoint. Avoid hitting the walls, and flying objects to live and be the champ! Hit the wall or the objects, and you lose, but don't worry, as there are checkpoints! 12 Mazes in Version 1. More coming soon!

After Glow After Glow
Free | Are you a talented space pilot? Navigate the After Glow through tricky mazes and collect power orbs as fast as you can.

JetRocket Pina JetRocket Pina
Free | Fly around as a jetpack-equipped guinea pig called Pina and explore various mazes over different worlds. A simple and fun game for the whole family, featuring an original soundtrack and a novel concept. You can purchase upgrades for your jetpack to hel

Fly Ball Fly Ball
Free | Roll your ball through the mazes to reach the end! but watch out for the various traps on the way

Hele Game Hele Game
Free | A helicopter game, involving many long mazes and bosses to get to the end and beat the game. fun and addicting, many hours of enjoyment.

The Green  Dot The Green Dot
Free | Guide the Green Dot with your mouse through multiple mazes

Steady Hands Steady Hands
Free | Steady Hands! is a fun game to test out your skills with your mouse! The many different mazes requires you to control a ball through twists and turns to finally arrive at the end point. Think you are up to it? Then challenge the 14 levels and try to

Rball+ Rball+
Free | Guide your ball through 10 challenging mazes.

The Mystic Way The Mystic Way
Free | Follow the Mystic Way across challenging rune mazes surrounding the rocks to clear each level. Find good items to help you in your mission and avoid the Dark Forces allies.

PandaHatesMaze PandaHatesMaze
Free | Poor Panda! He hates mazes, yet someone has left him stuck inside a most horrible labyrinth. Use your cursor keys to move and help Panda get out of the Mazes that he hates so much.

Subway Scramble    Subway Scramble
Free To Try | Subway Scramble puts you at the switch, guiding subway cars through miles of mazes as you tunnel your way from New York to Seoul.

Manic Mouse Maze Manic Mouse Maze
Free | Guide your mouse through a variety of fun and exciting mazes while avoiding dangerous obstacles, and terrifying bosses, see how quickly you can get to the end.

Pieman 3 Pieman 3
Free | Pieman 3 - The next pie eating adventure with 20 levels, 4 modes including mazes and assault course and 5 guns.

Shift Shift
Free | Guide your mystery man through a plethora of mazes which will take your sense of perception to the limit in this smash hit game.

Pleiades: The Old Tale Pleiades: The Old Tale
Free | Guide your seven heads through mazes and escape the big head and monochromity using all your skill. These are not nuns!

Slide Maze Slide Maze
Free | Feeling stressed? Let it slide with Slide Maze, a fun puzzle game that challenges you to slide a ball through 20 different mazes.

Track The Ball Track The Ball
Free | Track the Ball is a sliding puzzle game featuring 28 levels with multiple achievements to collect and a level editor to create mazes and share them with players from all around the world!

Oh My Pinky Pinky Oh My Pinky Pinky
Free | Snake Gone Pink! Classic Brick game style Snake, with new levels, mazes, speeds and extras. First 20 levels are fun and unique. its nor too speedy neither hard, just needs good coordination. Leave comments and suggestions on official <a href="http://fl

Crazy Dizzy Maze Game Crazy Dizzy Maze Game
Free | The mazes of this game are different. I use sphere mazes. Levels consists of 8 and a bonus game is waiting. Enjoy playing and i hope you won't get crazy and dizzy.

Bunny Flags Bunny Flags
Free | How would you defend your flag from a waves of enemies? Would you be maybe an engineer with his arsenal of towers?, or a Commando designing attack stategies ... or maybe the destroyer, who leaves nothing in his path? Create mazes with barricades, place

Maze Madness Maze Madness
Free | 15 Levels of Mazes where you must control your character to collect the coins and get to the end without hitting the walls.

Snake Maze Snake Maze
Free | Puzzle game with simple graphics and increasingly tough mazes. 8 episodes, and 40 levels. beat them all, or make your own with the level editor.

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