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LEGO Soccer Mania
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For Sony PlayStation 2
Released on July 24, 2002
By Lego

Welcome to the craziest soccer game you've ever seen, with stunning graphics, fast-paced arcade-style gameplay, and all the color, fun, and creativity that the LEGO name implies. You can customize your very own awesome LEGO soccer team, from standard soccer players to Wild West cowboys to pirates and Martians. The game features 23 unique, action-packed, themed stadium environments, plus adventures across mystery islands, snowy valleys, medieval castles, pirate ships, cowboy forts, and even into space. Crazy game power-ups include Rocket Ball, which lets you shoot the ball toward the goal in a straight line; Steal the Ball, which allows you to teleport the ball to the feet of the player nearest the goal; Slippy Feet, which freezes the opposition's feet; and Exploding Ball, which turns the ball into a time bomb.

There are four game modes:

  • Soccer Adventure: Pit your soccer skills against LEGO characters across many different environments. Beating the LEGOLAND team allows you to play through the LEGO World Cup Finals.
  • Skill Zone: This is a fun way to teach gameplay through simple subgames. Learn how to pass, tackle, shoot, and dribble.
  • LEGO World Cup Finals: Choose your favorite national team of LEGO players and see if you can make it all the way to the finals.
  • Play a Friend: This single or multiplayer option lets you choose an existing team or create your own from a huge number of LEGO characters, select your opponents and environment, and start a game straight away.

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Posted By: ianbochini - Wednesday October 20, 2010 - "ian"

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