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LEGO Racers 2
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For Sony PlayStation 2
Released on November 08, 2001
By Electronic Arts

Racers, start your engines! LEGO Racers 2 picks up where LEGO Racers left off--a defeated Rocket Racer has gone away to practice his racing skills on planet Xalax. There, he meets the Ramas, car-crazy creatures that race all over the planet and even have a huge racing arena called the Dome. Not wanting to accept his defeat, Rocket Racer issues a new race challenge and summons the greatest racers of all time to the Ramas's dome for the Galactic Racing Championship!

You must prove your driving skills in four different worlds to qualify for the ultimate race on planet Xalax. Play through new features as you race your way to the championship. Just as in the original LEGO Racers, you've got to build your racer and minifigure driver first. Once behind the wheel, you'll notice the improved destructability, as cars and scenery break into individual LEGO bricks on impact. You can regain your bricks during a pit stop, but don't lose 'em all, otherwise you've got to hoof it to the pit.

The game lets you explore the Life on Mars, Adventurers: Dino Island, Arctic, and City Center LEGO worlds. Each has a "boss" racer that drives a vehicle unique to that world, and you've got to beat the boss before advancing. Realistic weather conditions add to the excitement. Twenty-four new tracks combine to form a network of roads--some with movable barriers that form different courses. An improved power-up system helps racers and an all-new Golden Brick system awards you when you win. You can also pick Golden Bricks up along the course; collect enough and you'll advance to the next world, where you'll access new bonus levels.

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Posted By: ianbochini - Wednesday October 20, 2010 - "ian"

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