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For Sony PlayStation 2
Released on January 31, 2010
By Bay Area Multimedia

Driven lets players immerse themselves in the dangerous yet seductive world of open-wheel racing, and delivers explosive racing action straight from the movie screen. You can also take the race into the city, chasing teammates through busy streets while avoiding oncoming traffic and imminent disaster. You will have access to multiple racing modes, including arcade, story, and multiplayer, and will be able to unlock additional tracks and cars to ensure hours of game replayability.

Experience true team racing for the first time with two different perspectives: blocker and racer for pole position. Choose from eight teams and 12 drivers, each with individual strengths and weaknesses, and race over seven unique tracks, from sunny Angels Bay in California to the picturesque countryside of Manley Park in England to the cityscape of New York.

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Posted By: ianbochini - Wednesday October 20, 2010 - "ian"

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