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Burnout Anthology
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For Sony PlayStation 2
Released on December 19, 2008
By Electronic Arts

Featuring winners of back-to-back Racing Game of the Year" awards, Burnout Anthology comes at you with high-speed, high-octane, high-impact action. All three games are built for battle, so get in there and start burning rubber. This is the collection every adrenaline-seeking racing fan should own! Burnout 3: Takedown Tracks Tricked Out for Takedowns Navigate multi-level racetracks loaded with alternate routes, extreme jumps, hard stops, and nasty chokepoints. Burnout Dominator Master an Epic World Tour Hit the road on tracks built for every style of racing, from drifting on open urban roads to racing against oncoming traffic in crowded city streets. Bigger Boosts Chain boosts together through reckless driving to reach the ultimate Burnout speeds. Unique Rides Race in hotrods, 4x4s, muscle cars, and more, taking advantage of their individual features and distinctive handling abilities.

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Posted By: ianbochini - Wednesday October 20, 2010 - "ian"

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