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PS2 Far Cry Instincts
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For Sony PlayStation 2
Released on October 01, 2005

Far Cry Instincts PS2 MODEL- 32161UBI VENDOR- UBISOFT FEATURES- Far Cry Instincts PS2 The PC Action Game of the Year of 2004 is now re-imagined for the consoles by Ubisofts award-winning Montreal Studio. As Jack Carver, outlast a brutal tropical wilderness and a legion of elite mercenaries by unleashing every imaginable survival tactic and combat skill. * It is open season in a 100% open environment: Do whatever it takes to exterminate the mercenaries in any situation. Take cover in the undergrowth, set traps, kill by stealth, battle from extreme long range and gun-mounted vehicles and fight in close quarters or through the wilds of the island. * A real arsenal: Plunder an arsenal of responsive, realistic weapons and vehicles including ATVs, gunboats, hang gliders and muchmore. Turn the mercenaries stockpile into the instruments of their own destruction. * Unleash your predatory skills: Survive the furious and inhospitable wilderness by unveiling your true nature: develop your vision, track the enemys scent and become faster and stronger. * F.A.R. AI: Outsmart the mercenaries complex Full Action Response AI. Snipers, stalkers, scouts, and grenadiers react to your tactics with coordinated strikes from all angles, distances and terrains. * Create your own shooters paradise: The battle continues with deep multiplayer and level editor features. Build custom maps in real time, upload them via Live Console Systems and stage ultimate deathmatches against your friends. -- SPECIFITCATIONs -------------------------------------- ESRB Rating : M for Mature Genre/Category : Shooters System : PS2 Number of Players : 1 ~ 2 O

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Posted By: ianbochini - Wednesday October 20, 2010 - "ian"

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