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Test Drive Off-Road 3 (PS1)
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For Sony PlayStation
Released on June 10, 2007
By Infogrames

Ready for the ride of your life? Test Drive Off-Road 3 offers a rugged ride through the riverbeds of Vermont, the ruins of the Yucatan, and the grassy hills of Yosemite. Getting there is half the fun, as you maneuver in the driver's seat of some of the toughest and manliest four-by-fours, such as Dodge Rams and Hummers. Dirt will fly, trees will fall, and (yes!) cars will even flip over as you hit speeds nearing 80 mph. Look out for those trains, bridges, houses, or any other solid object that gets in the way of your fun. This game takes full advantage of the vibration function from the dual shock controller as your vehicle hits every bump.

This sort of reckless off-road adventure is something that most of us will never experience in real life, which raises the entertainment value tremendously of this "go anywhere, do anything" driving game. You can race track-by-track solo, or with a friend in split-screen mode. There's also the world tour, which allows you to save your racing progress as you advance through a circuit of races. If you place high enough, secret tracks will be revealed. You can also choose your viewing angle on each race, which is accompanied by thrashing rock music from the likes of Blink 182, Eve 6, Girls Against Boys, and Incubus. --Carrie Bell


  • No roads, no rules
  • Great rock soundtrack
  • No multiplayer support (more than 2 players)
  • Some car control isn't very precise

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Comments Posted About Test Drive Off-Road 3 (PS1)
Posted By: admin - Wednesday April 01, 2009 - "I played this game once and didn't like it much. It didn't stand up to the original SNES Secret of Mana. Sold it years later in perfect condition for more then I paid for it originally."

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