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My Sim Aquarium
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For Sony PlayStation
Released on June 10, 2007
By Viva Media

My Sim Aquarium is a virtual pet game designed for players who love fish and aquatic creatures. This simulation game turns your computer into a virtual environment for your pet fish to live in with you as their keeper. As with a real aquarium, you will be able to enjoy their beauty but you will also have to take care of them. The better you take care of them, the better your fish will grow, reproduce and you may even be rewarded by a mermaid! Dive in and create an extraordinary aquarium so your pet fish can live in style and comfort. Nurture your pets and watch them grow! Maybe they'll even have babies! Have tons of fun as you indulge your aquatic friends with fun foods, follow them, tickle and play with them in this aquarium advenure! Bring your baby fish home, visit the Marine Pet Shop and choose your pets from over 48 different species of remarkable sea creatures! Feed your fish! Funky fish food will make them glow neon, get big or small and even wild! Play with your fish, tickle them and get close enough to see the light sparkle on their scales. Follow your pets as they swim, enjoying 360° panoramic views. Raise happy and healthy fish All your fish start off as babies (fries) and can grow up to 3 times their fry size. Build your dream aquarium and choose from an enormous selection of plants, stylish accessories, buildings, animated tank toys and more.

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Comments Posted About My Sim Aquarium
Posted By: admin - Wednesday April 01, 2009 - "I played this game once and didn't like it much. It didn't stand up to the original SNES Secret of Mana. Sold it years later in perfect condition for more then I paid for it originally."

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