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Resident Evil Code Veronica
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For Sega Dreamcast
Released on July 19, 2001
By Capcom

The first Dreamcast installment in the Resident Evil series, Code: Veronica is "survival horror" at its finest. Unmatched in its ability to convey a persistent feeling of dread--and scare the pants off of you ever so often--this is one of those hard-to-put-down games that will keep you up for several nights on end.

The fourth chapter in the dark Resident Evil epic, Code: Veronica delves further into the machinations of the sinister Umbrella Corporation, once again pitting players against zombies and other horrifying mutations created by Umbrella's biotechnological viruses. Players begin the game as Claire Redfield, Resident Evil 2's college-girl-turned-zombie-killer, and later control Chris Redfield, the beefcake cop from the original game. There's more strategy required here than in the previous games, as Claire's actions have a direct impact on Chris. For example, playing a trigger-happy Claire that uses every health-restoring item in sight will call for some fancy footwork on the part of brother Chris.

While the basic game design here is largely unchanged from that of its PlayStation predecessors, Code: Veronica features many visual refinements--including exquisitely detailed 3-D character graphics, roaming camera viewpoints, and spectacular atmospheric and lighting effects--that greatly enhance the cinematic feel of the game. Equally high production values are evident in the game's excellent use of ambient and dynamic sound effects.

Upon completing Code: Veronica, players are rewarded with "Battle Game," a timed slaughterfest that can be played in third- or first-person point-of-view and has rewards all its own. --Joe Hon


  • Engrossing storyline and well-developed characters
  • Cinematic Dreamcast-enhanced graphics and excellent sound effects
  • Challenging, first-rate gameplay
  • "Battle Game" greatly increases replay value
  • Despite nonfixed camera angles, viewpoint can still be awkward at times
  • Less than perfect controls

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