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About This Game
DescriptionBecome entranced by this highly addictive strategy game!
Controls{"fire": "na", "jump": "na", "movement": "mouse"}
InstructionsDestroy the gumballs by forming groups of 3 or more gumballs of the same colour. Remove the right gumballs and keep the board clear before any gumballs reach the top. To remove gumballs, click on same-coloured groups of gumballs (2 or more). The more gumballs you remove, the higher you score. The timer/slider left of the playing field is counting down. Each time it resets a new row of gumballs will appear at the bottom and push the rest up. Once the gumballs reach the top, the game is over. Have fun!
ReleasedSunday September 13, 2009
AddedFriday August 14, 2009
Play StatsPlayed 719 times today, 770 total

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