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DescriptionThis game concept is player goal the ball into the pole hole. Player has only 6 golf chances to goal the ball into golf pole, if player goal the ball in hole, it gives message cool. If not goal the ball ‘bad luck’ message are displayed. To hit the ba
Controls{"fire": "space", "jump": "na", "movement": "arrow"}
InstructionsUse space bar or any one of the arrow keys for golf stick movements. If player goal the ball into the pole hole, he got message cool. If player miss the goal, he got message bad luck.
RatingGame Rated +2 (Ranked #306 in Flash Games)
ReleasedFriday May 07, 2010
AddedThursday April 08, 2010
Play StatsPlayed 1010 times today, 1114 total

Posted By: Bigum - Thursday April 08, 2010
"OK *************"

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