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3rd World Farmer
About This Game
Title3rd World Farmer
Description3rd World Farmer lets you play out the hard life of a farmer in a developing country with droughts, disease, poverty, corruption and war. It is a fairly serious simulation that sketches some of the hardships and dilemma from the farmer's perspective. Your
Controls{"fire": "na", "jump": "na", "movement": "na"}
Instructions* Click to select crops and upgrades from the top left menu, and drag them to the fields to purchase. * Click family members for character options. * You can sell livestock, buildings and tools for a lower price, by clicking the coins button. * Click the next turn button after you made your investments, to continue to next turn.
ReleasedTuesday March 02, 2010
AddedThursday February 04, 2010
Play StatsPlayed 1140 times today, 1291 total

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