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Sh2 Hunter
About This Game
TitleSh2 Hunter
DescriptionSH2 Hunter is a space exploration RPG level-up style game with characters based on the first Space Haste game. Your ship "Hunter" and the enemies can now move and explore in 2D space with added thrust and 360 degrees rotational movement.
Controls{"RIGHT": "Rottate right", "fire": "left_mouse", "UP": "Thrust", "jump": "na", "X": "Shoot", "movement": "arrow", "LEFT": "Rotate left"}
InstructionsYour mission is to destroy all the 6 high ranking boss'es near (0, -20000) Repair Bot can fix your ship near your base portal. You need to level up to defeat the stronger and faster enemies ahead. Press UP key to thrust, LEFT/RIGHT to rotate. Press F1 to quick save your current score, hp and xp points.
ReleasedThursday June 24, 2010
AddedTuesday May 25, 2010
Play StatsPlayed 1001 times today, 1088 total

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