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About This Game
DescriptionDusk falls on the lake, and bubbles rise gently from the surface in Drifts. Collect a chain of green bubbles and dodge the troublesome purple bubbles as you float through the lilies in this peaceful arcade game. Use your mouse to move the red bubble. Touch green bubbles to pick them up. When you collect 3 or more green bubbles, touch them to a blue bubble to collect points. Be careful, one purple bubble is all it takes to spoil the fun!
RatingGame Rated +2 (Ranked #564 in Flash Games)
ReleasedFriday November 14, 2008
AddedFriday December 12, 2008
Play StatsPlayed 463 times today, 706 total

Posted By: Bigum - Saturday May 15, 2010
"NICELY DONE *************************"

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