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Synth Blox
About This Game
TitleSynth Blox
DescriptionMusic & Style - this is Synth Blox.
Controls{"fire": "na", "jump": "na", "movement": "na"}
InstructionsGroup Squares of the same color to a 2x2 block to light them. If the laser detects the illuminated blocks, thex will be explode. For each explosion you get points. According to the amount of exploded blocks at the same time, your score increases faster. Try to get the highscore - good luck! Left arrow - Move block left Right arrow - Move block right Down arrow - Drop block Space - Rotate block clockwise Esc - Pause Game
ReleasedThursday September 17, 2009
AddedWednesday August 19, 2009
Play StatsPlayed 1154 times today, 1288 total

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