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Return Of Papulatus
About This Game
TitleReturn Of Papulatus
DescriptionThe 5th installment in the Maple Story simulators.
Controls{"A": "Soul Arrow", "INSERT": "unknown", "C": "unknown", "END": "unknown", "CTRL": "unknown", "fire": "na", "movement": "arrow", "jump": "space", "V": "unknown", "X": "unknown", "Z": "unknown", "HOME": "unknown", "DELETE": "unknown"}
InstructionsDefault Keys: A-Soul Arrow Z-Power Knockback X-Strafe C-Hurricane V-Melee Attack CTRL-Loot INSERT-Sorcerer Elixir(Heal 1500 Mana) DELETE- Barbarian Elixir(Heal 15000 Health) HOME-Jump Pill END-Warrior Pill
ReleasedWednesday July 23, 2008
AddedFriday December 12, 2008
Play StatsPlayed 777 times today, 896 total

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