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Bloody Doll Circus Blitzkrieg (primary Incision)
About This Game
TitleBloody Doll Circus Blitzkrieg (primary Incision)
DescriptionBlood-soaked, sugar-coated gladitorial combat. Welcome to the stage of BLOODY DOLL. What you are about to play is the first quarter of an ambitious platform fighting game. This version of the game has 7,774 possible character combinations, while the finis
Controls{"q": "Burst Shield", "e": "Teleport (only one per fight)", "ctrl (hold)": "Grab on to trapeeze", "fire": "a", "Shift+A": "Ranged Attack", "jump": "up", "Shift (hold)": "walk", "Left and right (while on trapeeze)": "swing left and right", "movement": "right_left"}
InstructionsThe object of the game is to defeat your enemies by reducing their health bar to zero. You have a regular attack (A), and shift A uses your weapon's ranged attack. If an enemy gets too close for comfort, use your burst shield (Q) to send them flying back. And as a last resort, you can use E to teleport away, but you only get one teleport per fight. Using your burst shield or ranged attack decreases your ranged bar,which will refill gradually. Holding the control key near a trapeze will let you grab on to the trapeze (use Left and Right to swing, and release control to let go. Be sure to grab power-ups and avoid bombs.
ReleasedWednesday December 31, 1970
AddedMonday January 05, 2009
Play StatsPlayed 697 times today, 907 total

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