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The Unfortunate Necromancer
About This Game
TitleThe Unfortunate Necromancer
DescriptionA silly swat-the-fly type game, except the flies are replaced by the hordes of the undead released when you fumbled your necromantic cantrip trying to raise your beloved pet cat from the grave.
Controls{"fire": "left_mouse", "jump": "na", "movement": "mouse"}
InstructionsClick the ghosts to destroy them. Be careful � some ghosts need to be clicked more than once! Destroy 3 ghosts of the same color in a row to increase your score multiplier (to a maximum of 10). If you click and miss, or if a ghost escapes off the top of the screen, your multiplier will go down. If three ghosts escape in a single level, the game is over. Complete 50 levels to win.
ReleasedTuesday May 12, 2009
AddedMonday April 13, 2009
Play StatsPlayed 871 times today, 938 total

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