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The Legend Of Zelda: 6 Swords
About This Game
TitleThe Legend Of Zelda: 6 Swords
DescriptionVaati a malefic ghost trouble the world by disturbing the mages meetic for the peace. Princess Zelda praise you to save them thanks to the power of "the 6 sword"!
Controls{"": "", "fire": "a", "jump": "na", "Jumping": "Z", "movement": "arrow"}
Instructions-use A to attack and Z to jump, (but can also setting it through the "setting controls" menu) -using key arrows to move - special: down key + jump = attack jumping down
RatingGame Rated +4 (Ranked #12 in Flash Games)
ReleasedWednesday June 11, 2008
AddedFriday December 12, 2008
Play StatsPlayed 2438 times today, 3147 total

Posted By: admin - Monday April 06, 2009
"The directions are wrong, [Q] for sword, [W] to jump. Other then that, good job on a classic remake with a twist."

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