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Whitehead Solitaire
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About This Game
TitleWhitehead Solitaire
DescriptionOvercome the solitaire blahs! Whitehead Solitaire looks like traditional klondike solitaire, but presents an interesting twist. All cards are dealt face-up, and you must build sequences of the same color. Sequences of cards can only be moved if they are all of the same suit. Cards are dealt 1 at a time from the stock pile, and you only have 1 run through the stock pile. Make it count when you play Whitehead Solitaire online.
RatingGame Rated +2 (Ranked #228 in Flash Games)
ReleasedTuesday September 23, 2008
AddedFriday December 12, 2008
Play StatsPlayed 972 times today, 1296 total

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