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Clock Face
About This Game
TitleClock Face
DescriptionClock Face is a card game adapted to a program for helping to learn how to tell the time. To play the game you have to find all the cards for each position of the clock without turning over all four Clock Centres.
Controls{"fire": "na", "jump": "na", "movement": "mouse"}
InstructionsClock Face is a card game adapted to a program for helping to learn how to tell the time. To play the game you have to find all the cards for each position of the clock without turning over all four Clock Centres. The four clock centres are the cards with a blue dot in the middle. There are 52 cards as in a normal pack, 4 for each position e.g. 4 cards with 5 Minutes Past, 4 with 10 Minutes Past etc. Reveal all four Clock Centres before finding all the others and the game is over. The cards are laid out in the form of a clock i.e. 12 at the top, 6 at the bottom etc. Therefore the 5 Minutes Past cards should go to the one o'clock position, the 10 Minutes Past cards to the 2 o'clock and so on with the O'Clock's at the top (12 o'clock) and the Clock Centres in the middle. The cards are all ready dealt face down and randomly, to the thirteen places, so they are not in the right order. Basically you start by left clicking on the card in the middle and it will turn over. Holding your left hand mouse button down and with the pointer over this card, drag it to it's correct pile in the clock face i.e. A Quarter Past to 3 o'clock, 20 minutes Past to 4 etc. If it is the correct pile then the card will be placed at the bottom of that pile. You then left click on the top card of the same pile. This will turn it over, and you drag this to the right pile and so on. The game is over when you have placed all the cards in the right place before finding all four Clock Centres or when all the Centres have been revealed. You will notice that points are added when you drag the card to the correct place. The quicker you find the right place the more points you score up to a maximum of 1000 for each card (I defy anyone to get 1000 for each one, you would have to move at the speed of light!!!). Score a high enough number and get in the High Score Table. A button will appear at the end of the game to let you play another game. When you click this button and you have a high score you will be taken to the High Score Table first.
RatingGame Rated +2 (Ranked #209 in Flash Games)
ReleasedThursday July 08, 2010
AddedWednesday June 09, 2010
Play StatsPlayed 528 times today, 631 total

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