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DescriptionThe player should use the keyboard arrow keys to move muffukas on the board and to place them use spacebar. The player as 5 minutes of time to place the muffukas and to gain high score. If the muffukas color group matches the pattern shone on the left sid
Controls{"fire": "space", "jump": "na", "movement": "arrow"}
InstructionsUse right and left arrow keys to move the muffukas right and left. Use up arrow key to rotate the board right. Use left arrow key to rotate the board left. Use spacebar to place the muffukas on the bord. Need to arrange the muffukas according to the color group if it matches the pattern shone they are removed from board. Game ends when the time is up.
ReleasedThursday October 28, 2010
AddedThursday September 30, 2010
Play StatsPlayed 557 times today, 568 total

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