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Auway Gobang
About This Game
TitleAuway Gobang
DescriptionAs a traditional board game played with go pieces (black and white stones) originated in China. The black one should go first. Every chessman must put at the cross. The man who first makes 5 chessman in a row win the game.
Controls{"fire": "na", "jump": "na", "movement": "mouse"}
InstructionsPlace your tiles on the board so that you can get 5 in a row diagonally, vertically or horizontally. Don’t let your opponent get 5 though!
RatingGame Rated +2 (Ranked #123 in Flash Games)
ReleasedTuesday June 01, 2010
AddedSunday May 02, 2010
Play StatsPlayed 1694 times today, 1798 total

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