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Evolution Squared
About This Game
TitleEvolution Squared
DescriptionEvolution Squared is a game in which you have to evolve. You start off as a small black square in the deep blue ocean but in the end you'll fly through space being on the top of the food chain! The game is playable in customizable difficulties and with di
Controls{"Space": "Bite (when auto-bite is off)", "fire": "na", "jump": "up", "Mouse": "Navigate", "WASD": "Movement", "movement": "arrow"}
InstructionsYou have to evolve in order to get to the next stage. You start in the sea, get on land and eventually fly in the sky. Move with the arrow keys or WASD, eat the food, dodge the enemies, have fun and earn rewards! ^^
ReleasedSunday February 22, 2009
AddedSaturday January 24, 2009
Play StatsPlayed 617 times today, 652 total

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