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Tigger's Honey Hunt
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For Nintendo N64
Released on December 14, 2006
By New Kid Co

Anyone who has grown up without coming in contact with the Winnie the Pooh stories likely suffers as a result a severe whimsy deficit. Whether through the original A.A. Milne novels and stories, or the Walt Disney film adaptations, the misadventures of Pooh, Christopher Robin, Tigger, and Piglet provide a completely entertaining diversion from ordinary storytelling.

The story in Tigger's Honey Hunt starts with Pooh, who is planning a grand party. But he can't begin to plan the bash without knowing that he has sufficient honey for his guests to enjoy. Bouncing along in his own inimitable way, Tigger pledges to help Pooh locate enough honey pots to get the party off the ground.

Crisp backgrounds, colorful worlds, and superb animation make this a fun romp through the Hundred Acre Woods. Gameplay mechanics are straightforward and aimed at the right demographic.

For anyone but kids, however, this game plays too short and doesn't have enough individual play modes (little kids love to play the same game over and over, so a short game doesn't matter much to the under-8 crowd). The title misses Paul Winchell's deft voice-over talent, but there's only so much data that you can fit on a Nintendo 64 cartridge.

Tigger's Honey Hunt really knows what it wants to be: a kids' game. As such, it succeeds in providing a darned good--if short--time. --Todd Mowatt


  • Clean, crisp backgrounds; colorful worlds; and superb animation
  • Straightforward gameplay mechanics aimed at younger gamers
  • Fun, safe gift for young family members
  • Older, experienced gamers will find the game too easy
  • Paul Winchell's voice-over talent noticeably absent from the game

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Posted By: Troll - Friday October 07, 2011 - "Awww such a nice game, thanks so much for posting info here:) YouTube mp4"

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