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Rayman 2
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For Nintendo N64
Released on December 14, 2006
By UBI Soft

Rayman 2 follows in the footsteps of Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie as another classic 3-D action game for the Nintendo 64. Rayman, who is strangely huge in France, is a strange yellow creature with hands and feet that are magically connected to his body by invisible appendages. This odd character can glide like a helicopter and throw his fists around as well as jump, climb, and swim. As in any decent action jumping game, Rayman meets up with many friends and enemies on his quest. Your mission is to rescue hostages held by the vile Robo-Pirates.

The game has an odd cinematic feel to it--perhaps due to its widescreen presentation and cutscenes. A cute feature is the design of the characters, who speak in their own forms of cute gibberish. Graphically, this game is rich with deep dark colors spread out over 50 levels and 20 worlds. Hiding in these levels are colored "lums" that can be used to open up new worlds or to restore Rayman's energy. These come in handy when you want to breathe underwater for long periods of time. Rayman must also collect magic masks and crystals, among other goodies. --Robb Guido


  • Vivid 3-D graphics
  • Huge number of levels
  • Lots of gameplay variety
  • The Dreamcast version looks even better

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Posted By: Troll - Friday October 07, 2011 - "Awww such a nice game, thanks so much for posting info here:) YouTube mp4"

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