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Donald Duck
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For Nintendo N64
Released on December 14, 2006
By UBI Soft

This game challenges players to master Donald's quack emotions and explosive temper as he battles through 24 levels and four worlds. Players must help the world's favorite duck in his quest to save his darling Daisy from the clutches of an evil magician, while racing against his cousin Gladstone to win the heart of the duck of his dreams!

Gamers must try to control Donald's temperamental mood swings--when hit by obstacles and opponents, he explodes with frustration, and destroys everything in his path; if hit again, he passes out! There are plenty of power-ups; a happy Donald becomes hyperactive, and discovers new levels and activities.

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Comments Posted About Donald Duck
Posted By: Troll - Friday October 07, 2011 - "Awww such a nice game, thanks so much for posting info here:) YouTube mp4"

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