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Backyard Sports Baseball 2007
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AmazonUsed$18.983 in Stock
For Nintendo GameCube
Released on May 03, 2007
By Humongous, Inc.

Create your own team, and control every wacky pitch, clutch hit, and sprint for home. With players like Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez, secret pros to unlock and amazing power-ups, kids can play big-league ball right in their own backyard. An all-star MLB lineup: Carlos Delgado, Alfonso Soriano, Nomar Garciaparra, Alex Rodriguez, Ichiro, Albert Pujols, Eric Gagne, Pedro Martinez, Ivan Rodriguez and Vladamir Guerrero. Customizable players Quick, single games as well as Season Play action Choice of players, fields and game details A Home Run Derby mini-game Fielders' Challenge mini-game Full stats and standings in Season Play

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