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Tom and Jerry
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For Nintendo Game Boy Color
Released on October 08, 2006

The famous cat and mouse duo makes an appearance on the Game Boy Color in TOM AND JERRY. Take control of Jerry as he searches for his cousin Tuffie. To succeed, Jerry will have to explore 10 expansive levels filled with bottomless pits and spikes. In addition to these dangers, Jerry must keep an eye out for Tom who will eat him the first chance he gets. Luckily, Jerry can collect marbles that will slow Tom down and keep him away. In addition to the marbles, there are a large number of power-ups that will help Jerry while he searches including cheese, ice cream sodas, stars, clocks, and hearts. Will Jerry be able to find Tuffie? Can Tom capture the mouse and have him for lunch? Find out by playing TOM AND JERRY.

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Posted By: Bigum - Friday February 26, 2010 - "AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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