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Lego Island 2
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For Nintendo Game Boy Color
Released on December 16, 1999

Kids today haven't changed all that much; they're still afflicted with LEGO mania. And there's no better place to treat this malady than on the Game Boy Color (this title also works on the new Game Boy Advance). LEGO Island 2, sequel to the PC- and PlayStation-exclusive title, comprises a unique blend of mystery and puzzle solving. Players should be forewarned that the game is as childish as the name and cover suggest. Adults and older kids may find the game charming but a little too simple for their tastes.

LEGO Island 2 features the return of the dastardly Brickster. Once again he's loose on the island and up to no good. You portray a pizza delivery boy who must stop him. The game takes place in LEGO world--the world of the toy sets--so you won't be doing any brick building yourself. Basically, you've got to solve puzzles, deliver items to access new areas, bump mummies and other monsters to defeat them (you can also stun them with your, ahem, pizza gun), and explore the huge game world. Fortunately, the game features a battery backup, so memorizing or writing down long codes to save your progress isn't necessary.

The game is made up of busywork; it isn't particularly challenging, though there is a bit of problem solving thrown in. It's perfect for a car trip or some other occasion when you'd like your kids seen and not heard, but there's nothing educational or redeeming here. But since when have LEGOs not been about busywork? --Andrew S. Bub


  • Cute graphics
  • Easy-to-understand gameplay
  • Battery backup
  • For the younger set only
  • Just busywork

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Comments Posted About Lego Island 2
Posted By: Bigum - Friday February 26, 2010 - "AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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