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Rhythm Tengoku
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AmazonUsed$64.641 in Stock
For Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Released on September 07, 2006
By Nintendo Japan

Rhythm Tengoku is a masterstroke of simplicity and pick-up-and-play addictiveness. Everyone who sees this game wants to try it out. Those of you who have checked out the preview for Rhythm Tengoku know that it is a compilation of minigames where quick and fun are the order of the day. Designed by the same team that made Wario Ware, you start out with a simple beat that you must match with the A button. Afterwards you are presented with a rhythm based minigame that you must complete before opening up the next minigame. Dozens of minigames are unlockable along with entertaining side games, creating hours of replayability. This game, like Ouendan, is very import friendly. Without any knowledge of japanese, a player will be able to get up and running without a hitch; every minigame takes only a few seconds to learn, and every new minigame starts with a tutorial that showing what to do.

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