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Tony Hawk's Proving Ground - Limited Edition
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For Microsoft Xbox 360
Released on April 30, 2010
By Activision Inc.

Immerse yourself in the most detailed skating environement ever with Tony Hawk: Proving Ground. In this game, no ground is sacred - skate on anything that holds still long enough, and sneak into spots only you can find by way of ladder, rooftop or even sewer! Just watch out for security guards who will toss you out of the choice locations. There's more to it than just idle skating - assert your authority by skate-checking jerks who get in your way, or compete in races to impress other skaters! No need to be content with existing bowls and ramps, either - there are a number of moddable objects in every city, so you can knock over billboards, bend lamp posts, and rearrange your world as you see fit. There's even a new personalizable feature - your very own skate lounge! You can stock it full of ramps, gear, flat-screens, cars or even helicopters, and get rewarded with lounge additions by taking on skate challenges and competitions. With all this, plus customized skating avatars, the ability to create your own skate videos and hundreds of skater challenges with different rewards, Tony Hawk: Proving Ground takes the traditonal skateboarding game above and beyond. Multiple levels of moddable objects in every city - use the hammer tool to kink rails, bend lamp posts, knock over billboards, and pull up grates Earn money in the game to customize your own skate lounge Shoot, edit and score your own skate videos. Fully customize your character's deck, style, clothes and attitude. Bonus Content DVD: Skateboarding Trick Tips from Tony Hawk: -Getting Started -The Essentials of Street Skating -Introduction to Ramps -Applying Tricks to Ledges and Rails Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock -PLUS an unlockable Guitar Hero Character for THPG: Judy Nails Also: a FREE 1 year subscription to Transworld SKATEboarding Magazine.

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